How to Find Cheap Prescription Drugs With GoodRx

If you are on a budget, you know how important it is to find cheap prescription drugs at the right time that you need them. Read about a very cool tool called GoodRx and find the cheapest medication in the USA!

If you need deals on medication or cheap prescription drug costs in order to help you manage your finances, this guide is for you! There is a free tool you can use to find the best medication deals in your area, the right drug for your side effects, cheaper generic drug alternatives to the expensive brand names, and more!

Save up to 80% on prescription drugs and put more money back into your wallet. The service we are about to show you has tons of great features including price alerts, coupons, price finding for multiple prescriptions, and doctor updates on all of your medication.

The tool we are going to use to find you cheap prescription drugs is called GoodRx. They have done all of the leg work and searching so that you don’t have to. Use their tool to quickly find the best deals on whatever prescription drugs you need in your area.

As an added bonus, GoodRx has free coupons that you can print off for even more discounts. These coupons are available for free to anyone who uses the service with no strings attached. Stop paying full price or the first price you see and get cheap prescription drugs!


How to Use GoodRX

Using the GoodRx tool is simple and there are a few tips and tricks that can help you save even more if you know how to find them.

First off, let’s visit the GoodRx website. Use the search bar front and centre on your screen and enter in the prescription drug you are looking for.

TIP: You can also enter in your symptom or type of illness and find drugs that fit this criteria e.g. “ear infection” or “athlete’s foot”.

When you have entered in your query, click on Find The Lowest Price. 

In our example, we have entered Ativan, which is a common drug for treating anxiety. When you search for Ativan, you will see a listing of all of the prices in your area.

To change your location if it is incorrect, click on the location link beside “Lowest prices near” and change your location to match yours. The drug listing will automatically update to show prices in your area.

Right underneath the description of the drug, you can change the brand option to a generic drug option. For drugs that have a generic alternative, you can save a TON of money for the exact same medical ingredient.

For example, if you change Ativan to the generic brand version, the cost of drugs fall from $1858 down to just $9.18!!

To guarantee the price listed on the GoodRx website, click on Get Free Coupon and print out the discount drug coupon such as the one shown below. Take this coupon into the location shown and use the coupon to get your cheap prescription drugs.

cheap prescription drugs 7

The coupons shown on the site will work at other pharmacies too, though prices may vary. It can be used for yours or your family’s prescription. There are no fees or obligations to use the coupon, it is all for your benefit.


What if my pharmacy cannot process the coupon?

If your pharmacy is unable or unwilling to process your coupon, please call GoodRx at 1-844-329-3341. Most issues can be resolved quickly.

Can I use the coupon with my health insurance?

This coupon price may be lower than your health insurance co-pay, but it cannot be used to lower your co-pay. Ask your pharmacist to help you find the best possible price.


Hopefully with the tip above, you can get cheap prescription drugs at a highly discounted rate compared to what you would normally pay.

Just for an example, check out the sample of prescription drug discounts below to get an idea of what you can be saving by using this tip!


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