Free Online Courses You Can Use to Get a Job or Raise

I think you will agree, more education, credentials, and completed specialty courses make you a more enticing employee. There are tons of FREE online courses you can attend and pass online. Become more skilled and employable today by reading our guide.

It is a fact that having more education and skills to pull from will allow you to earn a better job and make more money. However, how can you increase your skill set without spending a ton of money? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that there are literally thousands of FREE online courses and classes that you can take today.

These courses range in almost every topic you can think of, including:

  • computer programming
  • biology
  • business
  • language
  • arts
  • technology
  • and more!


The only thing that it takes to get an authenticate certificate or diploma from the sources below is your time. Dedicate an hour per day until you are complete and you’ll have new qualifications to add to your resume. These new skills will entice jobs, make you more employable, and allow you to make more money.

So without further adieu, check out the free online courses below and increase your skill set.


NOTE: Not all options below are 100% free. However, heavy educational assistance is available for the non-free options to help you complete your course for as little as possible!



General Free Online Courses

EdXFree – EdX offers online courses from major universities in a wide variety of topics from economics, biology, programming, business, and more.

Khan AcademyFree – Khan has free online courses in a lot of topics. This academy was started as a way for a guy to teach his nephew through Youtube videos and has turned into a whole big online education system now. It’s largely focused on high school, but includes AP (advanced placement) level courses, college prep, and test prep (SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT JEE, NCLEX-RN).

CourseraFinancial Aid is available – Coursera has a wide variety of courses often linked to universities and many offer certifications. Check out Coursera Financial Aid info for more information how to you can receive a large discount towards your classes.

Saylor AcademyFree – Saylor offers completely free online courses that are self-paced. These self-paced courses do not have an instructor, but a lot of them lead up to taking CLEP/ACE/DCE tests for college credit. On top of that, they’re partnered with several universities to offer pathways leading to low cost degrees. Basically, you take the classes the university offering the degree thinks you need at Saylor and they’ll honor the tests you take and give you credit. This way you get to do most of your classes for free on your own time and then finish off 20ish credits at the university offering the degree. In the end, you get a very low-cost degree, self paced, distance.

UdemyLow price courses – Courses from Udemy aren’t free and are made and submitted by other Udemy users. Udemy constantly has some sort of sale going on which often makes these courses very affordable (~$10-15 for a good selection). Udemy’s courses are in a wide variety of areas from business, technology, marketing, music, IT, software, and more.



Free Programming / Data Science Courses

Programming and other software related expertise is the number one wanted position in industry today. Mobile development, web applications, internet marketing, and everything else related to those areas are in high demand. And luckily, there are some excellent free online courses in these areas that require nothing but your time and willingness to learn.

Microsoft Virtual AcademyFree – Take free courses from Microsoft in the development of games, mobile apps, databases, programming languages, and more.

Google Android DevelopersFree – Focusing on the Android operating system, you can learn mobile app development and user interface development which you can use as a hobby or a job.

World Wide ConsortiumFree – w3 offers free tutorials and information to help you learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Web Building, and server side information.

Coursera Data Scientists ToolboxFinancial Aid is available – Learn more about Data science, data analysis, programming, etc.

DataquestFree with limits or Subscription – Learn data science, data analysis, data visualization, python, data engineering, etc. There are some free lessons, but it is mostly subscription based access to most of the content. There are no limits on how fast you go. If you are motivated, you could work through a lot of lessons quickly and make it very affordable.

Code AcademyFree with some limits, or Subscription – Learn Python, HTML, Web design, SASS, and more. Many courses are free. Projects and quizzes require a subscription. They also offer ‘Intensive’ programs.



Free Online Language Courses

If you’re looking for work in a second language, or if a second language may help your job search, or you simply want a more fun way to get in the habit of learning something new, there are plenty of options. Languages are another skill that are high in demand, especially if you are willing to travel abroad.

DuolingoFree – Language learning free online courses with a really easy and comfortable interface, especially when used on a computer rather than a mobile device. Completing a course won’t make you fluent, but will give you a working level ability.

MangoFree (through library) – Language learning is often free with your local library card.

MondlyFree with limits or Subscription – Mondly is more subscription based but has many languages including some that Duo and Mango don’t have and they often offer discounts on their monthly or annual fees.

MemriseFree and added content with $4.99/mo subscription – Memrise is a language tool with native speaker listening lessons.



Free Arts & Humanities Online Courses

If you have interest in the arts, there are some great online resources you can use to help you get started and improve your skill set.

Artists Alley Network International – Free – AANI is a Facebook group for artists of all skill levels to share their tips and ask questions. It is a more casual way to increase your skill set.

AANI info docs: These include some user-made linkdumps and articles on small business starting, tax info, registering copyright, merchandise making, making better art, and more, some of which can be helpful to even non-artists (ex. people making promo buttons, prints, and other items).


Do you have any other free online courses or educational sources that can help you land a better job and become more employable? Comment below or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter today!

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