Free Resume Tips, Format, Examples to Land Your Dream Job

Land your dream job and make more money today by spending time on your resume format. Learn free resume tips and examples to land more job interviews and increase your quality of life.

Earning more money can increase your quality of living greatly and pull you out of poverty. What if I told you that earning job interviews and getting a spot in front of prospective bosses is actually easier than you think? Follow our guide for free resume tips below and make every job you apply for count!

Updating your resume format and earning more job interviews is actually easier than you think. As someone who has reviewed hundreds of resumes and hand-picked people for job interviews, you might not realize some of these free resume tips that can give you an advantage.

Any job that is posted online in a public location is bound to get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes. There is no way that anybody can search each one with a fine tooth comb. Instead, you’ll find that prospective bosses often rely on two things to shortlist their resumes: first impressions and computer intelligence.


First Impressions: Ask yourself this question: If somebody only had 5 seconds to look at my resume, would it stand out?

Computer Intelligence: Every resume intake software in 2018 performs a calculation where they review key words used in your resume against the posted job resume. How close does your resume match the job description?


With the two facts above in mind, let’s have a look at the best free resume tips in order to get you those job interviews, earn a better job, and make more money.


1. Address the Job Directly with an “I Am Seeking” Statement

free resume tips i am seeking

As a job employer, you want to interview people that appear like they really want the job. A big part of that is whether or not you address the job head on. To accomplish this, you want to add an I Am Seeking statement to your resume. This is some stand-out text underneath your name and title that talks about the specific job you are applying for.

An example of addressing the job directly on your resume is as follows “I am seeking to join Company X in Position Y by utilizing my experience Z.”

The statement above is most of the most clear and concise free resume tips. It tells the employer that you came to get the job that was posted and aren’t throwing your name into any hat you see.


2. Add a Picture to Your Resume

free resume tips picture

If you only have 5 seconds to impress somebody with your resume, then plain 12 point text is not going to cut it. Your text is no different than the text on every other resume the employer sees.

Instead, consider a professional head shot or picture of yourself at the top of your resume. If you put a face on your resume, it gives your employer an impression of you. Relate your picture to your prospective job for maximum effect.

If it is a professional job, put on professional attire in your head shot. If you are applying for a sales job, consider something more charismatic. Instantly get noticed by showing yourself off, being more transparent, and showing them that you have nothing to hide.


3. Consider a special colour or pattern

free resume tips colour

The large majority of resumes have only black text on it. Be different with another colour or pattern and really stand out when the employer looks at your information.

Some easy free resume tips for more colour or patterns include:

  • Make your name bold and in a different colour in order to make yourself stand out.
  • Add a special border around the text that addresses the job you are applying for (see point #1).
  • Make your footer a different colour of text. Your resume footer will usually contain unimportant things such as a page number or your name. Change the colour to make this stand out in a better way.
  • Consider a different colour in addition to your standard bold text. It is common to bold your headings, job titles, and special information, but add a new colour to stand out even more.


4. Relate Your Transferrable Skills Directly to the Job

free resume tips transferrable skills

You know the transferrable skills on the job description and in the resume such as “hard working”, “multi tasking”, and “teamwork required”? Copy these exactly from the job description and make yourself look good. Your text will score a high rating (see computer intelligence above), which will increase your chances of an interview.

As well, transferrable skills are things that cannot be measured. No matter what you say, it cannot be proven or disproven in a resume or a single interview. Also, the transferrable skills listed are basic positive human traits and focusing on them is good practice.

Instead of putting too much emphasis on your own transferrable skills, use these free resume tips to score big.


5. Copy the Job Description to the Bottom of the Resume in White Text

This is one of the most secretive and underrated free resume tips. Score near-perfect on the computer intelligence part of the job by matching up to the job description perfectly.

Take the job description and copy it into your resume word document at the very bottom of the document or in the header/footer. Change this text to a small point font and change it to white. The text will be unreadable and invisible when printed off or viewed on a computer and you will score high to the computer.

Some employers let the computer intelligence weed out half or more of the candidates. Don’t waste your time on a potential great opportunity over something like this. Pair this advice with the free resume tips above to maximum your chances.


6. Increase Your Skills

Getting an interview is only the first half of your battle. In order to be more employable, you want to maximize your utilizable skills and knowledge.

Luckily, there are a ton of free online courses and classes you can take in order to make yourself a more desirable employee. We’ve posted a ton of free sources available on the internet, which you can find by clicking here. Having more relatable skills and job-specific knowledge will really show your prospective employer that you are right for the job.


With these tips, you will earn more interviews and get the chance at a really great high-paying job. For most people, the majority of our time awake each day is spent in the work place. Don’t be afraid to go and take a chance today and that begins with a solid resume that aims to wow your potential employer.

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