Tip to Buy Cheap Contact Lenses Online

For those of you who need to buy contact lenses online, we have an awesome tip to buy cheap contact lenses and save yourself a ton of money. Read the details below and hopefully this can help you out today.

If you live in the USA, you are required to have a valid prescription for contact lenses, which must be updated every year. However, you can easily buy cheap contact lenses online from non-USA suppliers without supplying proof of your updated subscription, which is $90 or more in cost.

If you are over the age of 21, your prescription/true refractive error typically isn’t going to change, so there’s no need for the yearly eye exam with regards to your prescription changing. It is still recommend that get a new exam performed every 5-10 years for general preventative health, or as recommended by a physician if you’ve physically damaged your eye in any serious way or have other medical reasons for needing one.

For cheap contact lenses online, check out http://visiondirect.co.ukThey are a UK company which does not require proof of an updated subscription.

With this trick, you no longer need yearly eye exams to tell you that your prescription hasn’t changed or to allow you to mistakenly increase the power of my contact lenses, since my refractive error isn’t going to actually change.

You only need to know your prescription and base curve (it’s right there on the box if you didn’t know), so you just order your contacts online from the UK for even cheaper than it would be to get them domestically!


Cheap Contact Lenses – Vision Direct Sample Order

For 2 boxes of Acuvue Oasys (one for each eye), VIsion Direct comes to £40.36, which is $56.69 right now. Thats £17.99 per box with £7.98 shipping to the US and a £3.60 discount for using a referral promo code. Shipping is cheaper if you’re in the UK already, obviously. For comparison: 1800-contacts wants $72.99 PER BOX for the 6-pack and Walmart wants $72.50. Coastal lists them for $30 a box but never has any stock and it’s STILL more expensive then ordering from the UK, even if you have the up-to-date prescription!

Make sure you check-out as a new account each time so you can use the referral promo codes. Use 9532283T if you need one. This should save you 10% off the subtotal as an added bonus.

There are cheaper contacts than the Acuvue Oasys on that site. In fact, the other 2-week brand are only £7.99 as compared to the Acuvue at £17.99, so there is a big savings there.


So, if you are a wearer of contact lenses, stop paying excessive pricing! Get cheap contact lenses online today and save your money.

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